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Are you seeking new employment opportunities in parts of Australia?

Are you an employer looking for skilled and unskilled workers?

Candidate Sourcing and Pre-Screening

We provide candidate sourcing and pre-screening services to ensure you receive qualified and reliable candidates for your needs.

Visa, Eligibility, and Vaccination Checks

We conduct thorough work rights checks to ensure compliance and safety for all candidates.

Our success is measured by your success.

Our success as a labour hire business is measured by the positive impact we make on both our clients and the workforce we support. At World Workers Group, we take pride in connecting workers with local businesses in most parts of Australia. 

Our success is reflected in the satisfaction of our clients, the fulfilment of our workers and the tangible contributions we make to the local economy, by bridging the gap between global talent and local demand.

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Browse our top job vacancies in Australia’s meat and processing industry.

Meatworker / Boner

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Meatworker / Slaughter Person

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Meatworker / Slicer

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Why Choose Us?

Skilled Workforce

We provide access to skilled workers tailored to meet your industry needs.

Dedicated Workforce

Our workforce is loyal, committed, and dedicated to your business.

Enhanced Productivity

Our committed workforce helps boost productivity and efficiency.

Customer Service

Our team provides tailored support and effective communication.

An established company with over 15 years experience
within the meat and processing industry

World Workers is a longstanding Labour Hire Company that has been providing services since 2006. We value our people and are a strong advocate for the labour hire workforce.

We are committed to providing the best onboarding experience for both our workforce and our clients.

We collaborate closely with the client and provide  dedicated account managers with a focus on building effective relationships.

Frequently Asked Questions - Workers

A1: We offer a variety of job opportunities specialising in the meat and processing industry, including positions for both skilled and unskilled workers, such as boners, slicers, meat packers, and general labourers in most parts of Australia.

A2: From the moment you apply, we offer continuous support during the onboarding process and throughout your employment. Our dedicated team are available to assist you every step of the way.

A3: You can start your journey with us by submitting your application here

A4: We care about our people and what makes us different is our ability to provide an on-site team leader or account manager to collaborate and provide ongoing support. 

Frequently Asked Questions - Employers

A1: We provide skilled and unskilled workers who are hardworking, loyal, and reliable.

A2: Absolutely! Since 2006, we have been specialising in filling the gaps in the meat and processing industry.

A3: You can easily start the process by submitting an inquiry through our website HERE or contact our head office on (08) 8203 2400.

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With over 15 years of experience in the meat and processing industry, World Workers Group is a trusted name in labour hire.

Our services as a labour hire leader have helped some of the largest meat and processing providers in Australia.

We pride ourselves on our 360-degree approach, ensuring both our workforce  and employers receive the best possible service.

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What People say about
the World Workers Group

My Le

Meat Worker

“Very good agent, I would like to recommend for everyone, especially new arrival.  Good pay rate and pay on time.”

Mey Khoen

Meat Worker

“Good and quick services with many different job locations, making it very convenient! Friendly and helpful staff! I will refer World Workers Group to all my friends and family.”

Dat Mai

Meat Worker

“The place to choose a good job for future”